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1. The Lighthouse


The lighthouse has a very long history; considering its the oldest brick structure in the city. The light keeper’s house was added in 1876 where light keepers and other employees worked. Many people who have worked at the lighthouse or have lived closed by have reported paranormal sightings. The lighthouse was also featured on Ghost Hunters; where they caught some really spooky footage. 

Joseph Andreu was once a keeper of the lighthouse. He’s been dead for more than half a century but he has been seen at the top of the tower. His presence at the top of the tower is explained by the fact that he died from falling from the top. 

The most famous haunting at the lighthouse are of the two young sisters who died on the property. Hezekiah Pity was the superintendent of construction from 1871-1974. One day, her daughters, Eliza and Mary were playing inside of a supply cart that ran on the tracks to where modern Salt Run is now. The cart hit the gate and the children were trapped under water. People say their ghosts still haunt the lighthouse. You might see them looking through the windows or playing outside. In many audio recordings, you can also hear a little girl’s voice. Others have seen Eliza floating above the grounds in the blue dress she died in.

Music boxes have been known to turn on by themselves, things go missing in the gift shop and turn up later, and  staff say they lock the door before leaving and its opened in the morning…


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