The Florida Bookstore Haunted by Jack Kerouac

Yes, the brick building of Haslam’s Bookstore in Saint Petersburg, Florida, may be home to hauntings from Jack Kerouac, among other spirits. But even if it isn’t, it’s still a really cool historic spot and you can pretend to shop while you look for ghosts browse the stacks of new and used books for hours.

Opened during the Great Depression in 1933, Haslam’s moved to this location on Central Avenue in downtown St. Pete in the 1960s .

Famous On The Road author Jack Kerouac spent a lot of time here in the last years of his life as a cantankerous old man. He lived nearby in St. Pete. While he was alive, he would move his books from where they were organized alphabetically to the front and higher up so more customers would spot them. Now his ghost, among others, is said to hang out here and move his books to more advantageous spots in the store just like he did when he was alive.

The vintage sign outside of Haslam’s Bookstore reads “Since 1933”
Source: Jesse Sage

Because the bookstore sells used and new books, it can feel like you’re in a time machine when you spot some of the vintage tomes. The romance novel covers alone will take you on a wild ride through the decades starting with the 1960s.

When you enter Haslam’s, go straight and look to the left to see where Kerouac’s books usually are. You can see the shelves on the left wall below:

There are many little rooms and alcoves off of this main area, so you will definitely want to visit for yourself. Their selection of metaphysical books is almost a half a room, and their rare and antique books are priced surprisingly affordably.

Please update us if you visit, and find any cool books or ghosts!

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