5 Haunted Sites In St. Augustine With True Backstories

2. The Old Jail

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

The Old Jail that was built by none other than Henry Flagler himself and is home to many spirits who are who were inmates, the sheriff, and the sheriff’s family. The jail was made to blend in with the rest of architecture during that time period (opened until 1953) and how you see it now is how it was back then. The only way to tell it’s a jail is the bars on the windows.

By today’s standards, the cells would be considered unlivable. The mattresses were stuffed with Spanish Moss that were infested with bugs and there were no blankets or pillows. There was no where to bathe and no where to go to the bathroom, except in the cell they lived in. Many inmates died of disease, and many were tortured or executed. Many believe it is for this reason, that their spirits still haunt the jail.

Paranormal experiences that often occur:

  • frequent sound of footsteps: clunky and loud footsteps that people say are the “men in chains”
  • aromas: smell similar to molasses cooking on the stove or a sewage smell
  • dogs barking: believed to be the Sheriff’s dogs
  • voices: whaling and moaning coming from the maximum security/ solitary confinement areas, voice of a little girl coming from Sheriff’s area, sinister laughs in the women’s cells, and whistling
  • low temperatures: spots that are colder than others, many people feeling like a cold hand is touching their shoulder, or blowing on them as they walk by