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3. Spanish Military Hospital


The Spanish Military Hospital is known as the most haunted hospital in St. Augustine and is located in the village of Spanish Quarter. The hospital stood from the 1700’s to 1821 and the building that stands is a replica, but still is home to many spirits.

During the year of 1821, the city of St. Augustine had to replace the water lines under the building so the entire hospital had to be rebuilt. During this time, the patients and employees of the hospital started seeing something described as “evil,” like “death lingering in the air.” The walls were eventually removed, and thousands of bones were discovered. According to The North Florida Paranormal Research group, the bones belonged to the Timucuan people (one of the earliest Indian tribes in St. Augustine.) It is now believed that the evil presence in the hospital are the many souls of the Timucuan people that are buried there.

There are many rooms in the new rebuilt Spanish Military Hospital that are believed to be haunted. One for example, is the “Mourning Room;” where patients were previously moved too to pass away peacefully and a priest would come to bless the dying people. The hauntings aren’t reported to interact with the living, but, there have been reports of screaming, crying, distant conversations, and even imprints on the beds.

“The Ward” is the room where the sick and the dying were kept before going to the “Mourning Room.” In “The Ward,” many of the patients were in pain and it is said you can hear moans, screams, see objects move, doors close and open, and sometimes an apparition.


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