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Ultimate Timeline on Britney Spears’ Conservatorship with References

I came across this timeline on Instagram. This piece, which is kept as up to date as possible, is as comprehensive as can be considering the difficulty of researching the subject. Misinformation has been hand in hand with Britney Spears from the start of her career, since she was taught to lie about her age for her first Mickey Mouse club audition which she was too young for. This makes researching her conservatorship, #freebritney, and life that much more difficult, but @leannesimmons19 has done an amazing job with this. As I said, it’s constantly updating, so rather than put the whole thing here (as of this writing it’s 45 pages!) I will link to it so you will have the most up to the minute version!

Click on the image below for:

  • Key players
  • Key dates
  • Clickable links to references including media outlets
Image of the ultimate timeline of Britney Spears' conservatorship with clickable references. Click on the image to go to the document.
Image of the ultimate timeline of Britney Spears’ conservatorship with clickable references. Click to be taken to the document.

Again, thanks so much to Leanne Simmons for working on this!

If you’re interested in a more specific timeline, check out this one I did on Britney’s Foundation and where the money went:

Britney Spears shushes the crowd at an event for her Britney Spears Foundation

Featured image thanks to Sam Lavy, Creative Commons license

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