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4. Huguenot Cemetery


Huguenot Cemetery was first established in 1821 and is right across the street from the City Gates. This cemetery is specifically for those who are not Catholic and was the first public cemetery. It was also during this time that the yellow fever epidemic broke out, which killed thousands. It was eventually bought by the Presbyterian Church in 1832 and closed in 1884. There have been many unexplainable events and paranormal sightings in the past decades.

Not only will you see gravestones that date back 2 centuries, but you might also experience sensations and see things that you will not understand.

One story in particular goes as follows:

A young 14 year old girl died of yellow fever and dropped off at the City Gates. No one came to claim her and she was eventually buried. Many people have reported seeing her ghost around the cemetery, either waving at guests as they arrive or floating in the trees, while wearing a white flowy gown. 

Another more famous story involves a man named Judge John Stickney. He passed away in 1882, also leaving behind his children who were orphans. Eventually, they wanted their father to be re-interred in Washington, D.C. On exhumation day, the gravediggers left the casket open while taking a break. Two thieves stole the Judge’s gold teeth and the gravediggers closed up the casket in hopes no one would find out. But the judge knew, and continues to haunt the cemetery because of it. He can be described as a tall dark figure and looks as though he is searching for someone. It is believed he is still searching for whoever stole his teeth…

Most visitors that take photos here see something unusual in it, like a light orb or a shadow behind them.


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