Marilyn Monroe x Kiss press on fingernails with a french manicure style, diamond embellishments and limited edition packaging with Marilyn Monroe on the box
This French manicure style is so chic with the crystals 💎

Marilyn Monroe’s New Kiss Lashes and Nail Collection 💋

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Finding the Marilyn Monroe Collaboration with Kiss Lashes and Press on Nails

There’s a Marilyn Monroe collection of press on nails and lashes from Kiss that just came out. So of course, being a Marilyn lover and collector, I wanted to go find them. I checked them out online before my search and saw how chic they looked with crystal embellishments. And I hoped to find the ones that had her signature on one of the nails. When I found the collection at Walgreens (they’re available at Walgreens, CVS, & Ulta that I’ve noticed, but probably elsewhere too!), the ones with her signature were either sold out already or they hadn’t stocked that style. But I realized they wouldn’t fit me because that style only come in short. So someone who can wear the short size buy them so I could live vicariously through you!

📝 Fitting Note

So note that this collection comes in Short and Medium lengths, and select one that will fit your nail bed. I have really long nails and I think I might need a Long length, which Kiss does make, but not in this collection. There’s a S or an M on the top left corner to designate it. So make sure you take a look at that when making your choice in how to fit the press on nails.

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I want to know which ones you like the best. Who else is obsessed with the stand that they’re on? It’s so fabulous. On the other side of the stand, there is the Lash collection.

Lashes Like Marilyn

I actually came across the lash collection first one day when I recently ran into Walgreens. The drugstore always makes me think of vintage movie stars because I can imagine them shopping back then in a similar setting. So I was so happy to find Marilyn and all the lashes on this Marilyn display, which is so cute. Each style has a different Marilyn Monroe related name, like the Diamond Girl, The Girl Next Door, & The Woman On a Mission, which I felt like was very well thought out and matched each lush-looking lash. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these or which one you would pick out! I wanted to try them all!

@thisoldething Replying to @Heather Kruel Which ones would you try? 💎 #vintagebeautyparlour #normajean #marilynmonroemakeup #marilynmonroe #marilynmonroefans #marilyntok #oldhollywoodbeauty #kisslashes @kissproducts 📺 @This Olde Thing ♬ My Heart Belongs to Daddy (From "Let's Make Love") – Marilyn Monroe

📝 A beauty note about Marilyn’s lashes:

Marilyn wore a variety of different makeup styles, but she often wore false lashes on just the outer corner to enhance that cat-eye effect. She even had several sets of trimmed eyelashes in her makeup kit that we know of as proof! I myself love doing this technique because you can make the lash fit your eye better. So depending on what look you’re going for, you will want to give these a little trim just like Marilyn did.

If you love Marilyn, there’s plenty more where that came from around here. You’ll definitely be interested in my deep dive about Marilyn Monroe’s short time in her last home. There’s mysteries, ghosts and rare exclusive photos. So I hope you enjoy!

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