Britney Spears is afraid of her father says her attorney Samuel Ingham

Update: Britney Spears is Afraid of Her Father According to Her Lawyer Sam Ingham

Britney Spears has had a lot happen over the past few weeks in regards to her future, her conservatorship, and her freedom. Today her court-appointed lawyer, Samuel Ingham, had a court date with judge Brenda Penny at Stanley Mosk Courthouse in LA. There were several issues on the list for today, an important one being whether or not her father Jamie Spears will continue as her conservator.

The largest bombshell to be dropped under oath was from Britney’s court-appointed lawyer, Samuel Ingham:

“My client Britney Spears has stated to me on many occasions that she is afraid of her father. She has also stated to me many times that she will not work as long as her father is in control of her career. “

@meg_rad appeared on @freebritneyla’s instagram with the back-and-forth:

Updated after the hearing:

Ingham stated under oath that Britney Spears wants James Spears, her father, removed as conservator, and also that she is refusing to work until he is is no longer conservator of her estate.

Lynne Spears, Britney’s mother, spoke through her lawyer stating that she wants James removed as well.

Judge Brenda Penny did not suspend James as conservator, she stated that it would be within her power to do so and that she would consider removal at a future date.

Bessemer Trust, who Britney wanted to manage her estate, was appointed co-conservator of her estate with James Spears (It’s confusing, but there are both conservators of her person and estate). While this isn’t the full extent that Britney and Ingham were going for, it is a win for Britney despite other media outlets’ negative spin.

The large crowd outside of Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles, California could be seen and heard from inside of the court as well as receiving honks of support from drivers on the road who spotted the growing amount of (mainly pink) creative signs educating people on the conservatorship.


Free Britney protesters outside of Stantley Mosk Courthouse 11.10.20. They hold various signs, one reading "the C-ship is Toxic"
Photo courtesy of @timospears | L-R Timo, @thatsurprisewitness, and Kevin Wu of FreeBritneyLA

There were many supporters to the Free Britney movement at the protest, as well as over 300+ people viewing @freebritneyla ‘s ongoing live coverage of the event (much of which was also hosted by the energetic @timospears. He and @bijancalc interviewed rally participants and led chants while @freebritneyla a.k.a. Kevin Wu was educating people on why they were there).

@thatsurprisewitness and Lisa MacCarley wearing Free Britney pink
@thatsurprisewitness and Lisa MacCarley wearing Free Britney pink in front of Stanley Mosk Courthouse. Photo by @meg_rad

Lawyer @lisamaccarley, who has been involved in fighting to end conservatorship abuse in California, looked Hogwarts-professor-esque in a cardinal red capelet and shared that her Britney growing up was Madonna. On @timospears’ Instagram live, Maccarley said, “They [the Free Britney supporters] nailed it, they knew, they intuited correctly…They knew more about justice than the people in this building.” Also in support was @thatsurprisewitness who breaks down every Britney document on her Instagram with the help of her ivy league law degree and her very persistent cat.

Babs Gray from @britneysgram spoke briefly on megaphone. BritneysGram is a podcast that was once dedicated to simply enjoying Britney Spears’ Instagram, is now famous for breaking the news that Britneys conservatorship and the abuse in it was more than just a conspiracy, via an anonymous paralegal from a law firm involved with her case. They have been taking a break from podcasting for a little bit (for some upcoming projects it sounds like) and they finally released a new episode just last week.

Also there was Venus Gist, whose mother Katherine has been struggling in a conservatorship in California as well. For more on their case, check out the Instagram live @freebritneyla did with Venus.

Thanks to @leannesimmons who started the Britney Timeline for getting the updates from the courtroom. Again, more will be shared once we know, follow @thisoldething for updates from me and all the instas mentioned here for immediate updates.


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