The Britney Spears Foundation website, from, 2001.⁣⁣ Everything here just like everything with my byline on this site is just my opinion and intended as commentary and not fact. So allegedly, here’s what happened:

A timeline: ⁣⁣


Britney was dedicated to her foundation which helped underprivileged kids like she was growing up extremely poor in Louisiana to learn performing arts at no cost.⁣ She called it “one of the things I’m most proud of”.⁣


Britney hosts an auction of some of her most iconic outfits from childhood to her biggest music videos, “Slave 4 U” performance, and even Crossroads to benefit the Britney Spears Foundation.

Letter of authenticity from Britney’s Crossroads outfit


Alleged emails from Britney to her attorney show that she is concerned that a woman she met through her father, (who had been in and out of rehab at the time and she describes as “struggling”) named Lou Taylor has been able to have a package delivered to her home and she’s afraid she could show up at her house. Lou Taylor was sending her unwanted photos and emails saying she needs to kill demons that live inside of Britney. Britney calls Lou’s letters “stalker mail” in her letter to her attorney, here.


Under shadowy, pre-arranged circumstances Britney’s person and business are taken out of her control by Jamie Spears, her estranged father, and placed in a conservatorship. He hires Lou Taylor as her business manager. Britney tries to hire her own lawyers to fight but Jamie has a restraining order placed against them so that they can’t legally approach Britney.

Lou Taylor, “Business Manager” of Britney who had no say in her selection or continued involvement


The Britney Foundation’s last funds are donated to Mercy Ministries, a “Christian” organization for at-risk girls that Lou Taylor as well as her husband, “Pastor Rob” has worked closely with for 30 years now.⁣⁣


Mercy Ministries rebrands to “Mercy Multiplied” due to their organization practicing inhumane conversion therapy on LGBTQ+ girls, medical negligence, unqualified staff in medical positions, and making girls sign over their government checks when their services were supposed to be free. Click here to read more on that.

People who have been through Mercy Ministries’ program have actually formed a survivor’s network to support each other with what they went through.⁣


Britney continues fighting to end the conservatorship on her rights and her business.⁣