Britney Spears shushes the crowd at an event for her Britney Spears Foundation

Was the Britney Spears Foundation Funneled Into Anti-LGBTQ Conversion Therapy Programs by Her Manager? – a Timeline

Everything here just like everything with my byline on this site is just my opinion and intended as commentary and not fact. I started this in October of 2019 but have been updating it as I find more info, which is why you may see a discrepancy in the publish date and references in the article. So allegedly, here’s what happened:

A timeline: ⁣⁣


Britney Spears created the Britney Spears Foundation to help support kids in the arts. According to the charity database

“From creating a fun-filled playroom for kids on extended hospital stays to The Britney Spears Camp for the Performing Arts, the Foundation’s work is focused on the power entertainment has to heal and fulfill.”

So to be clear, there was the Britney Spears Charitable Foundation, which funded the Britney Spears Camp for the Performing Arts.

The Britney Spears Foundation website, from, 2001.⁣⁣

This is a really good video to get an idea of what it was like for Britney around that time and the positive energy and passion she brought to her Camp.


According to, in 2002 Britney’s foundation made a $1 million donation to the Twin Towers Fund to support the children of servicepeople affected in the September 11, 2001 tragedy. This article describes one child’s experience at the Britney Spears Camp for the Performing Arts at which tuition was covered for all students.


Britney at an auction of her famous costumes to raise money for the Britney Spears Foundation. You can see the iconic “Slave 4 u” costume in the corner.

Letter of authenticity from Britney’s Crossroads outfit, the auction of which which would bring a hefty sum to her foundation


In 2005 the Britney Spears Foundation donated over $590,000 in total.

  • $175k of that was to Spirituality for Kids, a division of the Kaballah Centre. Note that Kabballah clashing with Britney’s Christian upbringing has been a point of contention between Britney and her father for years.
  • $25k to the Britney Spears Camp for the Performing Arts
  • $50k Gilda’s Club
  • $50k City of Hope
  • $6k American Cancer Society (Britney’s Aunt Sandra was going through cancer at this time; she passed away a couple of weeks before Britney shaved her head in 2007)

The massive amount of money Britney donated after also going through an “expensive divorce from Kevin Federline” was noted in the Fox News article “Britney Spears more charitable than Leonardo DiCaprio” (2005). According to this article, the foundation was run at the time by Nina Biggar from her home in Cambridge, Mass.


In 2006, the Britney Spears Foundation donated over $585,000 to different charities, including a large donation to Hurricane Katrina relief, and as always, the Britney Spears Camp for the Performing Arts.


Alleged emails from Britney to her attorney (the authenticity of which has not been proven) show that Britney is concerned that a woman she met through her father, (who had been in and out of rehab at the time and she describes as “struggling”) named Lou Taylor, has been able to have a package delivered to her home and she’s afraid she could show up at her house. According to the letter, Lou Taylor was sending her unwanted photos and religious emails saying she needs to kill demons that live inside of Britney. Britney calls Lou’s letters “stalker mail” in her letter to her attorney, here.


Under shadowy, pre-arranged circumstances Britney’s person and business are taken out of her control by Jamie Spears, her estranged father, and placed in a conservatorship. Now in charge of Britney and all of her businesses, Jamie hires Lou Taylor as her business manager. Britney tries to hire her own lawyers to fight but Jamie has a restraining order placed against them so that they can’t legally approach Britney.

The last year that Britney has control of her own money, 2008, is also the last year that the Britney Spears Foundation sends any money to the Britney Spears Camp for the Performing Arts.


At some point, the three co-directors of the foundation became Andrew Wallet, Britney’s co-conservator at the time, Jamie Spears, her other co-conservator, and Jamie Lynn Spears, her sister.

In 2010 you can see that there were “No program services undertaken in 2010”, meaning they didn’t do any of the donations and activities as they had in past years, and that the Foundation began the year with $89,027. After two final donations, the Foundation ends the year with $17.

The Britney Foundation’s last funds are donated to two places: $50,000 to Mercy Ministries, a “Christian” organization for at-risk girls that Lou Taylor as well as her husband, “Pastor Rob” has worked closely with for 30 years now.⁣⁣ As of July 2020, Mercy Ministries is listed first on Pastor Rob’s church website under Missions.


After that, $42,000 was given to Cri-Help, a rehab facility. For this article we’re focusing on Mercy Ministries but please reach out if you have info on Cri-Help!

The decline was covered in an article by Roger Friedman of Showbiz411.

Britney’s Foundation is left with $17.

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