The little book of Marilyn, a little red book lies on a grey fur blanket with Chanel perfume and a diamond bracelet.

The Little Book of Marilyn | BOOK REVIEW

Finding “Inspiration from the Goddess of Glam”

This summer sees the release of a new book on the subject of This Olde Thing queen, Marilyn Monroe. The Little Book of Marilyn is a new book by author Michelle Morgan that is a unique piece in the world of Marilyn literature.

Is it worth adding to your Marilyn Monroe or Old Hollywood book collection (or starting one)? Read on….

This book is a delight to read. Open the satiny feeling cover to reveal the a stunningly dramatic photo of Marilyn announcing the first chapter, entitled Her Story. This chapter gives an overview of Marilyn’s life and does a good job of actually capturing who she was rather than just listing biography points. Writer Michelle Morgan (is it a coincidence they have the same initials?) has a loving way of presenting the star without being fawning. Her perspective on Marilyn (who comes across as vibrant, decisive, and empowered, in contrast to other writers’ portrayals of her as helpless) is what makes this book not just another edition to check off for your list but one to put on a special shelf (it’s gorgeous) and take down and reread.

After Chapter 1, the chapters unfold in a less linear sense and are chock full of stories, tutorials and gorgeous photos:

  • 1 – Her Story
  • 2 – Inspiration
  • 3 – Style
  • 4 – Beauty
  • 5 -Life Skills
  • 6 – Personal Effects
  • 7 – Walk With Marilyn

What I love about this book is how Morgan brought to life the vibrant fandom of Marilyn. She has stories from a variety of Marilyn lovers, from people who have been collecting for 30 years, to people who own their own Marilyn based businesses recreating tiles from Marilyn’s home, to impersonators who have dedicated their lives to studying her moves. The walk with Marilyn chapter is especially interesting as it features locations Marilyn visited during her lifetime – all the restaurants she frequented are now high on my list to check out!!

This book would be great for a new Marilyn fan, as it’s not too overwhelming and the way it’s broken up is approachable. But a seasoned Monroe researcher would be just as happy to receive this book; there’s plenty of new information and tidbits to lead you off down more Marilyn rabbit holes.

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From the publisher:

“The Little Book of Marilyn is a tribute to the style, glamour, intelligence, and chutzpah of Hollywood’s most iconic star.

“While the 1950s was in many ways an era of repression for women, Marilyn Monroe broke barriers; rebelled against convention; and charmed the world with her beauty, talent and irresistible personality. Her style has come to symbolize eternal beauty and femininity, and her life story both fascinates and inspires women the world over.”

This book was provided to us to review by Running Press books. To get yours online or find one in a store near you, click here. 

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