Marilyn Monroe Brentwood Home Pool


Marilyn Monroe’s last home, where she passed away in 1962, has always been somewhat of a mystery. Marilyn didn’t allow photography of her sanctuary while she lived there, and recent owners have been equally secretive when it comes to images or videos of the place.

Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood House French Doors


But when it recently sold for a whopping $6.9 million, we were finally able to see the inside from the real estate images. Some renovations have been made but much of it remains the same as when Marilyn lived there.

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This house was very special to Marilyn as it was the only home she owned by herself. Growing up as an orphan (her mother was alive but mostly lived in a sanatorium, her father unknown) having a home of her own that she couldn’t lose must’ve meant a lot to her. She chose much of the decor & furniture herself on a trip to Mexico, though some of it hadn’t even arrived by the day she passed away.

Below, you can see the Mexican tile she chose for her fireplace is still there to this day.



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