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Gifts for Readers – Introvert’s Retreat Box

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These boxes are provided to me for review, and the opinions are all mine. I’ve worked with them for over 4 years now and genuinely love the idea which is why I keep unboxing them!

If you want to try it out, visit IntrovertsRetreatBox.com and use my affiliate code JESSE, and you’ll get 10% off.

Introvert’s Retreat Box is a subscription box that comes once per month (you can also get just one if you’d like). It’s basically everything that you would need for a relaxing night in by yourself. As an introvert, sometimes I don’t want to talk to anyone, or go to a bunch of stores, so it’s nice that all the work is done for me. Each box comes with:

  • a book (you can specify what kind of book if you’d like)
  • bookmark
  • candle
  • bar of soap
  • gourmet treat and beverage (like tea or coffee)
  • bath salts

I love to use an Introvert’s Retreat Box to help me relax when I’m on my period. It’s great to have everything I need gathered there — it’s kind of a little reminder that it’s ok to take time when you need it. If you are a parent I can imagine this would be perfect to make the most of those few hours of quiet you may randomly find.

You can tell that Shereen, the founder of this box, put a ton of care into it. Everything is selected to give you the perfect experience. The candle is very fragrant and lasts a long time. I’m just finishing mine off from a couple of months ago, and I am a candle addict. Since I don’t have a tub, I like to use the bath salts to soak my feet, especially in the winter.

I just learned that you can also request bi-monthly delivery as well. That sounds perfect if it takes a little longer to finish a book.

The company is a woman-owned, small business, so it’s a great option for a gift (or gift for yourself) that also supports positive energy in the community.

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