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Did Anna Nicole Smith Live in Marilyn Monroe’s House?

The investigation….

Anna Nicole Smith was a bombshell known for her likeness to Marilyn Monroe, and she paralleled her idol not only in looks but their life stories as well. Anna Nicole’s larger than life persona led to a tumultuous relationship with the press which have made it hard to track the truth of her life, but today’s article gets to the bottom of at least one of the rumors. Though there have been reports discussing Anna living in Marilyn Monroe’s last home on 5th Helena Drive in Brentwood, CA, there were equally as many reports dismissing that. So press play below to learn the truth.



Below is a video by Anna Nicole Daily of tons of examples of Anna Nicole talking about what Marilyn meant to her.

The interview at 4:12 I remember finding out somewhere else and after seeing more footage, that Anna was really ill during the filming of that interview. So I hate to see that interviewer trying to get her to talk when she’s so obviously uncomfortable. But I love that this video exists and if you liked my story then you’ll definitely like this!

The entire 44 minute Stina Dobrowski interview I use in my video, here:

Here’s a photo with Stina and Anna probably taken just after the interview, which was listed as Anna and her girlfriend but was in fact Stina:

Anna Nicole and Stina Dobrowski at Marilyn Monroe's home 5th Helena Drive

Anna Nicole and Stina Dobrowski wash dishes in Marilyn’s house

The video below is the video I mention in the episode that I had seen in the back of my mind but had so much trouble finding. This is where Anna Nicole talks about Marilyn’s ghost in her house. Go to 3:30 to skip to that section.

Marilyn’s house while Anna lived there with her pink matching furniture and photos of Marilyn on the walls 🙂

Anna and a friend in the house enjoying coffee

Below are screenshots of some comments I found on, a Marilyn fan site, on my search to find out if ANS had lived at 5th Helena:

As I find more, I’ll add it here so everything will be in one place. Thank you guys so much for requesting this subject! If you’re interested in more on Marilyn’s house, check out this article with more photos of the inside!

Anna Nicole Smith poses in an early Guess campaign

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