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“The Slap Heard Round the World” – Zsa Zsa Gabor Slaps a Cop, 1989

There are too many bombshell stereotypes in this story to count. But go ahead, see if you can!

Years before Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan’s brushes with the law, another famous LA blonde caused a media stir with “The Slap Heard Round the World”. Zsa Zsa Gabor was pulled over for her expired license plate while driving her white Rolls Royce in Beverly Hills in June. The officer noted an open container of alcohol (flask of Jack Daniels reportedly) and an expired license, and while checking for other infractions, the former Miss Hungary drove off!

2 blocks later he pulled her over again, and she slapped him. She said it was because he pulled her from the car roughly. The officer claims it was unprovoked.

The New York Times article describing the start of the trial stated: “she was accompanied by her hairdresser, her daughter and her eighth husband, and was greeted by about 100 reporters. ” It was a media circus, one that the judge said Zsa Zsa used for her own publicity. When the judge stated that Zsa Zsa “craves media attention . . . and abused two weeks of this process for her own self-aggrandizement.”, her lawyer objected, but Zsa Zsa stormed out of the courtroom and gave the people (& the media) the drama they were craving, dahling!

Though she only ended up being in jail for 3 days and paying fines, Zsa Zsa kept a positive outlook when asked about going to jail: “That would be wonderful. I’d have time to write my book. “If I go to jail, Bistro Gardens [a restaurant] said they would serve me food three times a day.”

September 27th, 1989

Click here to read the original New York Times article from 1989.

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