The Art Department busy at work making props & costumes.

The Creature’s appearance was based on old seventeenth-century woodcuts of two bizarre creatures called the Sea Monk and the Sea Bishop.
Julie Adams getting treated by the nurse for a bump on the head. In one scene, the stuntman had to carry Julie Adams in his arm while her character was “unconscious”. The stuntman misjudged where the wall was due to low visibility in the suit, & bumped Julie’s head into the wall. 

This lady is touching up the costume between takes to help ensure proper continuity. 

Fun Fact:
The costume pieces were discarded by Universal after production had finished on the three films (Creature from the Black Lagoon and its two sequels) and were later recovered from the studio’s dumpster by a janitor, who thought it would make a good Halloween costume for his son. 

The original “Mr. Steal Yo Girl”

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